Brand Activation Do’s and Don’ts

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Over 3200 exhibitors showcased their brands at the recent 2023 Consumer Electronics Show or CES. This event gave the kubik team a chance to experience the best brand activations at the show and also explore how some companies could have better executed their brand activation ideas. These insights were compiled in our most recent free e-book resource titled, How to Spoil a Brand Activation in 5 Easy Steps, which covers the dos and don’ts of brand activations and how to properly plan their execution.

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Overall, the key messages from this resource centred around focusing on your audience and the initial strategic planning. Brand activations need to be well-thought-out, authentic, and engaging in order to be successful.

Brand Activations Successfully Executed By kubik

The kubik team is experienced in creating successful and memorable brand activations. Our teams have created activations for some of the biggest brands in countries across the world. The brand activation examples below highlight some of the different aspects that help create a successful project:

Nike, World Cup Parks, Worldwide – North America, Europe, Middle East & Asia:

Nike’s brand activation campaign was a successful example of guerrilla marketing and event registration aimed at encouraging kids to sign up and participate. Despite limited resources, the campaign was able to achieve its goals through effective venue scouting and selection. The industrial, urban-style space featuring graphics of the world’s best soccer players appealed to the audience of young soccer fans.


ISOPURE, Idea World Activation, San Diego, California, USA:

The ISOPURE Head-to-Head Challenge was an experiential event and trade show exhibit design that included a bicycle challenge and an anniversary bottle display. The event was highly authentic and effectively engaged the audience’s competitive nature. The brand activation successfully played into the audience’s interests, resulting in a memorable and impactful experience. The experience generated social interactions between guests that translated into more time spent with ISOPURE experts.


Samsung 5G Experience Tour, Times Square, Hollywood, Miami Beach and SXSW:

The Samsung Experience Tour was an inclusive and accessible brand activation project that provided a great experience for all visitors. Even at SXSW, where there can be line-ups to get into various brand activations, Samsung never made you wait and always provided a great experience. Samsung’s 5G-equipped ecosystem consisted of inter-connected pods designed to resonate with their key audience communities: creators, gamers, entrepreneurs, and health and fitness enthusiasts.


Jaguar Land Rover, Invictus Games, Toronto:

The Jaguar Land Rover brand activation was a great example of authenticity, leveraging the strength of the Land Rover obstacle courses and the star power of Prince Harry. The activation also offered different levels of experiences, including VIP options and private areas, to cater to a diverse range of guests.



Make Your Next Brand Activation a Hit

At the heart of every marketing activation is the audience, and prioritizing their experience is crucial to success. Far too often, companies center their desires in their brand activation strategy without considering things from their audience’s perspective. At kubik, we understand how to create a great experience that both satisfies the client’s needs and creates a remarkable experience for the audience. Download our free e-book for more insights and view our case studies to see more successful brand activations kubik has worked on.

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