Using Your Corporate Spaces as Experiential Platforms

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As of late, the team at kubik has been experiencing an exciting trend, with increasingly more clients eager to update their “home base.” Branded environments like corporate interiors, showrooms, and executive briefing centers are taking back the spotlight even as live events and trade shows are regaining momentum. Many brands have also capitalized on the virtual nature of business over the past months by upgrading their showrooms and briefing centers for external broadcasting and content generation.

So, what exactly is the benefit in upgrading these spaces? How can a company best transform its space to yield the greatest results?

Tell Your Story Where Your Brand Lives

One key feature about your own corporate space is the sheer level of control that you have over it – it may seem obvious but take a moment to consider the potential that comes with this.

You have complete control over the environment, the audience, and all that takes place within your space. Not to mention, there are typically no other brands present to compete for your audience’s attention.

Telling your brand’s story in your own domain is a valuable way to communicate exactly what you want, to exactly the audience that you wish to hear it. Utilizing your space intentionally in this way yields a very strong ROI, thanks to the high level and length of engagements that will take place within your own corporate space.

Have More Subject Matter Experts On-Site

Yet another benefit to utilizing your corporate space in this manner is that you have total control of the audience and will typically have a stronger team present to make an impactful impression.

Companies can’t always send multiple staff members to external events and shows – it simply isn’t always feasible. However, within your own corporate space, it’s very likely that you will have a wealth of subject matter experts present to help guide your audience and to best represent your company, and your brand.

Build A Space That Empowers Your Team

Many companies allocate the bulk of their budget to areas like marketing, product development, and so forth. And for good reason – these aspects of a business are crucial to its success! However, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping your corporate environment updated.

A fresh and intentionally designed space not only improves engagement among visiting guests, but also motivates your team! Your employees will be reminded of the brand focus and goals, they will be further engaged in the work they do for your brand, and ultimately your employee satisfaction will increase as your team members will be able to come to work in an empowering space on a daily basis.

Branded Environments Are Multipurpose Spaces

A well-branded corporate space is rarely used for a sole purpose. In updating your space and creating an environment which accurately reflects your brand, you open the door to many additional functions of your space that may have been previously overlooked.

Branded environments often end up serving multiple roles, aiding with special events, training, and executive-level meetings, in addition to their primary role of hosting guests and clients.

Tell Your Story in an Updated Corporate Environment

Updating your corporate space clearly yields many benefits, and it may be just what you need to give your company an extra boost. At kubik we’ve given our clients a place to tell their stories – for inspiration, take a look at some of our favourite Branded Environment Stories.

Let’s connect to collaborate on how we can refresh your corporate space to better reflect what your brand is all about.

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