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How Big-Name Brands Are Creating Unique Brand Activations & Utilizing Experiential Marketing in 2023

Modern brands are using experiential marketing in unique ways. Explore some of the newest and most interesting event activations, immersive installations, pop-up stores, and experiences across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. At kubik, we’re always looking for examples of experiential marketing ideas that inspire us and give us insights into the newest trends in the […]

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How to Spoil a Brand Activation in 5 Easy Steps

Download our free resource, ‘How to Spoil a Brand Activation in 5 Easy Steps’ to learn more about what makes or breaks a brand experience.

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Preparing for the Big Event: Your Pre-Event & Post-Event Checklist

Perhaps unsurprisingly, in-person events are still as popular as ever, even after the global COVID-19 pandemic made it challenging to organize large gatherings. People want to engage and interact with each other outside of their homes now more than ever. A statistic from statista.com in 2021 found that in-person events were an essential way to […]

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