Aga Khan Museum

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Project Size: 10,542 square feet

Designers: Studio Adrien Gardére

A Cultural Mission

Inaugurated on September 12, 2014 by His Highness Aga Khan and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Aga Khan Museum is dedicated to the collection, research, preservation, and display of works of art and artifacts of historical and cultural significance from various geographical periods and areas around the Muslim world. The Museum’s permanent collection holds over 1,000 historical and cultural objects, including masterpieces that reflect a broad range of artistic styles and materials.

kubik maltbie, along with its partner ClickNetherfield, was tasked with completing the interior exhibit show cases and displays for the permanent gallery.

Unparalleled Excellence, Accuracy, and Elegant Simplicity

The design concept, by exhibition, required display cases and plinths with minimal detailing; fine glass mitres and bases designed with rounded or chamfered edges ensure the vitrines do not dominate the objects within. Freestanding cases depend on ambient light within the gallery to light the objects within. This exceptional attention to minimalistic detail re-enforces the light-touch design, providing uncluttered surfaces that allow the collection to truly shine.

kubik maltbie was responsible for detailing, fabrication, and installation of 77 individual showcases and several large-scale monolithic presentation plinths that make up the Permanent Collection Gallery. This collection is the focal point of the Aga Khan family treasuresand a project of unparalleled excellence, accuracy, and elegant simplicity.

kubik maltbie worked in collaboration with multiple stakeholders to accomplish this project. It was completed successfully and in time for the museum opening. At every step, technical challenges in detailing, material availability, logistics, and site conditions were met and resolved in a spirit of collaboration and with a can-do attitude.

Technical knowledge, advanced fabrication expertise, and design development proved invaluable in supporting the AKM and their designers in fulfilling a stunning vision.

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