Washington, D.C., USA

Project Size: 250,000 square feet

Helping Tell the News

The world’s most comprehensive collection of international news artifacts offers visitors an experience that blends five centuries of news history with up-to-the-second technology and hands-on exhibits. kubik maltbie was entrusted with developing exciting and innovative displays for the museum’s massive collection of over 81,000 pounds of materials and artifacts of both historical and social importance including; an original guard tower from the Berlin wall, a shrapnel-riddled news truck and a gallery featuring every Pulitzer Prize winning photograph taken since 1942.

An Experience Worth the Wait

After a four-year building process, Newseum’s grand opening was greeted with much anticipation. Newseum’s home on historic Pennsylvania Avenue contains 15 theaters, 14 galleries, two state-of-the-art broadcast studios, a “4-D time-travel experience” and interactive computer stations.

Honor Award – “Society for Environmental Graphic Design”, Newseum, SEGD Awards

“Outstanding Achievement Museum”, Newseum, 15th Annual THEA Award

Gold – “Best Museum Environment”, Newseum, Event Design Magazine, Event Design Awards

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