The Netherlands’ biggest social media experience

Youseum – Share-Worthy Pop-Up and GenZ Targeting Strategy

Youseum opened its doors to the public in November 2019 in a pop-up location at the Amstel in Amsterdam. Despite lockdowns, it welcomed over 75.000 visitors in one year. After this initial success, kubik helped open the first Youseum Flagship location in Westfield Mall of the Netherlands in June 2021.

Youseum is a collection of rooms designed more like playgrounds for creativity. The goal, to create a community space where anyone, creators and dreamers alike, can go and take eye-catching photos for Instagram or create unforgettable content for TikTok; solo or with a group. At Youseum, you are the artwork, the artist, and the critic. In essence it is an immersive social media museum/experience that is all about you and your world. Pose, play, and explore along an hour-long tour through 30 eye-catching installations.

The primary objective of the flagship location was to increase the Gen-Z presence at the newest shopping mall in the Netherlands. Presently, Youseum is a fast-growing phenomenon that is already spreading to other regions through its partnership with Westfield Group and with the help of the kubik European team in Amsterdam.

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