experience solutions

project consultancy
that delivers value

experience collaboration

team expertise
that perfects any project

experience results

destination retail
that engages & inform

Collaborative teams expertly managing multi-venue rollouts for complex, multi-stakeholder projects.

  • Flagship experience, concept stores, & destination retail
  • Shop-in-shop roll-outs
  • Design creation & consultancy
  • Project delivery, fit-out & installation

kubik expertly delivers on destination retail environments that engage and inform. In the competitive retail space; our forward-thinking consumer centric designs focuses on narrative and immersive experiences, over a POS driven approach.

Collaborative teams expertly managing multi-venue rollouts for complex, multi-stakeholder projects including: flagship experiences, concept stores, destination retail, and shop-in-shop roll-outs. From end-to-end, kubik delivers on design creation, consultancy, project delivery, fit-out, and installation, with experienced retail teams that drive account innovation and value.

Creative Strategy

Ingenious spaces from concept
to reality, to virtual

Account Management

Agent of client goals, continually striving to find the best value

Project Management

End-to-end timely and effective communications


Detailed attention maintains
integrity of design

Graphic Design & Production

Graphic gurus that do it all
— with an agency, or all from scratch

Masterful Building

Transforming any concept into
3D reality — from concept
stores to custom fixtures


Vast global network with
real-time tracking

Inventory Management

Track and manage with 24/7
cloud-based tools

Installation Services

Experts leads resourced for
world-wide logistics