Color Chameleon

TEVA Oncology, ASHI and ASCO

Multi-Brand Healthcare Exhibit

Teva Oncology was looking for a new expression of their exhibit marketing to reflect the highly organic and flexible nature of their product offering. Beyond the new aesthetic, the environment required adherence to the various obligatory guide-lines that regulate marketing within the healthcare industry. The exhibit required the flexibility for use at the American Society for Histocompatibility & Immunogenics and American Society for Clinical Oncology shows.

kubik was asked to design a cohesive, modular environment, while simultaneously creating separate spaces for Teva’s commercial, medical affairs, and international divisions. kubik created a free-form structure that pointed to the biological nature of the brand and the mutability of TEVA’s white label product-lines. featuring organic shapes and beautiful curves.

Overheads, flooring and walls featured curvilinear profiles, straight lines and circles; creating a multi-zone asymmetrical environment emphasizing the organic sensibility.

Built in kinetic lighting illuminated fabric structures and floating circular overhead panels, timed to automatically color morph the entire environment amplifying and promoting specific branded product-lines within the overall brand expression.

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