3D printing in three dimension

HP, Formnext

Over our multi-year support with HP, their 3D Print solutions have expanded to include metals, plastic and color printing with all three solutions being featured in the booth. HP’s 3D Print production output hit a record high making it the first in the industry to gaining competitiveness with injection molding.

The new 410 square meter double-deck design allowed the ground floor to be all about experiencing HP’s 3D Print solutions. Zones within the space allowed guests to attend theater presentations, take part in live demos, have one-on-one conversations with HP experts, touch and feel hundreds of printed part samples, and become immersed in interactive trials in the “HP Experience Zone” including the “Fit Station Zone” where visitors had their feet scanned to design and print customized insoles and shoes.

The top floor allowed for a private and tranquil area where executives and customers could hold confidential meetings and gatherings.

The program also included sourcing CSR’s, installation, project management, interactive development, as well as event planning for “The Club” — a private lounge with hospitality to host VIP’s and gather market research and insights.

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